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Use and Application of FF.

Product Definition: FF is a permanent anti-lime scale device used in piping and hydraulic machinery. Its effects are immediate.

Primary Functions: a) To prevent Calcium Carbonate (Calcite) and Magnesium Carbonate scale from forming. b) To eliminate, by means of a slow but progressive process, the scale that has formed prior to the treatment.

Ecological Treatment:  The electrical phenomenon caused by the movement of water through the magnetic field, created by the FF device, influence the physical and chemical behaviour, without altering the global composition of the same.  FF doesn't add minerals to the flowing water, eliminate minerals from the flowing water, nor does it alter its microbiological properties.  Therefore, it is in no way harmful to one's health nor to the environment.

Short, Mid and Long Term Savings: By maintaining piping and machinery clean, FF contributes to their fine performance, assuring their maximum output while saving money and energy.

FF Increases the Efficiency of Other devices and Treatments:  When used in combination with other types of treatments (purification, disinfection and filtration systems, etc.) FF diminishes the chemical additive consumption in decalcifiers and water purifiers, diminishes the use of Chlorine in the clearing and disinfection processes and saves on maintenance expenses in the filtration processes.

Simple and Safe External Device: The pipes are not manipulated. Only the monopole magnetic field of FF embraces the pipe at the chosen point (flowing water), without consumption of energy nor chemical products.

Maintenance and Installation: FF can be installed by the user on all types of piping (Iron, Aluminium, PVC, etc.)  The 2 parts, which make up the FF, are attached to the pipe at the chosen treatment point.  this simple operation only involves placing 2 or 4 PVC clamps over their respective openings, and does not require any tools.  No maintenance is needed.

Guarantee: 5 years.

Warning: People Usesng pacemakers shouldn't come within 50cm of the magnetic field.  It is also recommended not to use watches, cell phones, credit card, etc. within this distance.

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