• The Agence de l'eau Rhin-Meuse is one of the six french agencies in charge of helping water users and representatives with technical and financial assistance.
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  • Agua Latina is an on-line monthly technical magazine (ten issues per year) for companies, engineers, specialists, consultants and agencies throughout the world that are involved in promoting and improving the use of water in Latin America.
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  • The Australian Water Association is a professional membership organisation formed in 1962 to promote the responsible management of water and its related resources. They have approximately 4,000 members across Australia and abroad, including both organisations and individuals.
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  • This agency deals with air quality and air pollutants, water quality, waste, contaminated sites, nature conservation in Austria. It gives access to a water quality database.
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  • CWWA is the national body representing the common interests of Canada’s public sector municipal water and wastewater services and their private sector suppliers and partners. CWWA is recognized by the federal government and national bodies as the national voice of this public service sector.
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  • CEEP provides a forum for scientific research concerning the impact of phosphates on the environment. It is actively working on sustainable development through the objective of recovering phosphates from waste waters for recycling.
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  • The objective of the Foundation is to promote the water sector in the Canary Islands. The Foundation uses its resources in the following fields: promoting and carrying out studies and research related to water which could be useful to the Canaries, organizing and disseminating information generated by government, institutions and private companies, assisting companies and institutions in its activities of intercommunicating and search of data and information, organizing seminars and courses, and in general, supporting the relationships to the international scientific communities.
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  • The Cooperative Research Centre for Water Quality and Treatment was established in 1995 under the Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centres Program to provide a national strategic research capacity for the Australian water industry. It focuses on issues relating to water quality management and health risk reduction, from catchment and reservoir management and water treatment to the distribution of drinking water to consumers' taps.
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  • The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spheres of activity are concentrated on preventing and combating water, soil and air pollution. The Agency belongs under the Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy.
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  • Maintained by the six French Water Agencies (agences de l'eau) and the Water Department of the French Ministry of the Environment it provides brief information on water management policies in France, water supply in the areas serviced by 6 water agencies, and the hydrological cycle. It also gives access to "Fontaine" a database containing over 10,000 bibliographical references to documents held by the above organizations.
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  • The European Water Association (EWA) deals with the management and improvement of the water environment. It is the only technical and scientific association in Europe that covers the whole water sector, wastewater as well as drinking water and water related waste. With member associations from nearly all Central and Eastern European Countries, it not only includes the current European Union member states, Norway, and Switzerland, but also most of the acceding countries and Russia.
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  • This website offers information about the protection of water and aquatic ecosystems (contamination, waste water treatment, watershed management, etc.).
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  • The IWSD is a non-profit non-governmental organisation based in Zimbabwe but operating throughout the Southern Africa. The Institute aims to assist in the achievement of sustainable development of water resources and waste management through the provision of support to development agencies in Zimbabwe and the Southern Africa region. In particular, the Institute will address issues hindering access of the poor to services and the sustainability of services.
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  • IDA is an alliance of more than 1,000 leaders united in the purpose of advancing desalination technology. Their members include scientists, end users, engineers, consultants and researchers in addition to a broad representation from governments, corporations and academia.
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  • The International Private Water Association (IPWA) was formed in 1999 to promote private sector participation in water and wastewater utilities globally. IPWA provides members with means of working together with other members, ministries responsible for water sector development and tariffs, multi-lateral and bi-laterals agencies and financial institutions worldwide to develop models for private investment and address issues impacting the involvement of private sector companies in water and wastewater utilties.
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  • IRC's mission is to help poor people in developing countries to get the best water and sanitation services by emphasizing the introduction of communication, gender, participation, community management and affordable technologies into water and sanitation programmes.
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  • IUPWARE is a research-oriented MSc postgraduate programme, organized annually by the Belgian universities K.U.Leuven and the V.U.Brussel, supported by the Department of Development Co-operation of Belgium. It aims at accomplishing the following two main goals: the training of engineers and experts in specific disciplines of water resources ; and the integration of technical multi-disciplinary teams.
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  • The Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) is the official body responsible for the overall water planning and management, the formulation of national water strategies and policies, research and development, information systems and procuring financial resources.
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  • Lifewater International is a non-profit organization of Christian water resource specialists based in the United States. It currently has over 150 volunteers currently serving, including well drillers, geologists, engineers, health care professionals, scientists and businessmen. Lifewater's volunteers train nationals in developing countries with technical skills to improve their drinking water supplies.
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  • The Learning to be WaterWise program gives students and families a strong understanding of the nature and importance of water. The program teaches about the water cycle and explores sources, uses and the conservation of water. It addresses water issues in and outside of the home including: water wise planting and outdoor watering habits.
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